FESPA Global Summit 2017

Be prepared to be stimulated and challenged on your journey to achieving business excellence

Not just time to be ‘talked at’, this programme demands that you engage your brain, connect with your peers in attendance and truly explore the business landscape of the wideformat digital, screen and textile printing landscape. Each session is carefully designed to offer you clear ‘takeaway’ points relevant to your business.

Day One - Feb 22nd


Registration and Welcome


FESPA welcome and Chairman's introduction

Setting the scene for the format of the event, you’ll be challenged to think and act differently, in this first step towards collaborative working and effectively considering your business direction


What will happen to the world economy? What does this mean for the business community?

Examining global macroeconomic forces from political shifts to oil and water, and their impact on both the supply and demand aspects of print production, this session from one of Europe’s most eminent economists will give you invaluable insight to inform your strategic decision-making in this bespoke economic forecast


Future Opportunities in Print

Not only highlighting the strongest sectors for growth in adjacent print markets, carefully selected for their accessibility to your business, but also exploring the technologies required to enter these markets and the varying characteristics and needs of the buyers that populate them – this session will give you invaluable insight into key opportunities for your business


Reaction to future opportunities

Working in small groups you will be guided through the key considerations for expanding your business through diversification into one or more of the key growth areas identified in the previous session, against the economic backdrop


Networking lunch


How Technology is driving inkjet market development

Exploring how cutting edge shifts in the tech triumvirate of ink, printhead and curing technologies are underpinning current and future developments and laying the foundations for greater efficiencies and new and expanded applications. Will one inkjet technology dominate in future, or will there be further diversification of approaches?


Where next for inkjet?

Drawing on his experience of connecting academics with OEMs as they explore the latest research in all areas of inkjet printing technology, Steve will look ahead at inkjet technologies and highlight the areas where we will see new developments coming to market in the next five years.


Reaction to technology drivers

This energetic session will give you a chance to reflect on how the latest technologies can facilitate the expansion of your business into new markets, or grow your share in the markets you are already active in


Coffee Break


Business Security and Compliance

Printers, like many SME and larger businesses, are increasingly targeted by online attacks and fraud. System security is increasingly important, particularly in light of the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Jack will open your eyes to the scale of the threat, and how best you can meet it.


Outcomes Focus

This energetic session offers you a chance to reflect on your learnings from the day against a backdrop of themes such as leadership and motivation in an engaging and memorable way


Free Time

Your chance to relax and recharge before dinner, use the gym, catch up on your business, or reflect peacefully in the top class spa at the 5* Grand Elysee Hotel


Drinks and Dinner

A fun and informal evening where you can connect, continue conversations begun earlier in the day, and explore your takeaways from the formal sessions together with your peers in the traditional German setting of the city’s best bierkeller

Day Two, Feb 23rd


Morning coffee


Chair’s refresh and recap

Summarising the outcomes from the first day and blowing away and cobwebs remaining from the previous evening to begin the day refreshed, focussed and ready for our keynote session


Taming Tigers

You’re writing the story of your life, who else could be holding the pen? The aim of the Taming Tigers approach is to help you write your ‘blockbuster’.  Taming Tigers is a proven approach to personal transformation. This session offers a clear set of ten rules which can revolutionise your approach to all aspects of your life – including, of course, your business.


Networking Lunch


Summit Close