Paul Thomas - Founder DNA Definitive Ltd, & Leadership Fellow

The field of Simplexity™ is still very new to most organisations. However, Simplexity™ is now adopted by a large number of organisations. Simplexity™ is a simple architecture for seeing and understanding how natural, human systems operate. This view of the Complex-made-Simple helps managers, CEO’s, Directors to understand that the behaviour of the people within impact the design and direction of the whole organisation not the procedures, policies or strategies. It is Paul’s belief that Simplexity™ will give us the best insight we currently have into the nature of organisational behaviour, making it more human, resilient and passion-driven.

Paul suggests from over 15 years of research, achieving award winning companies in 2014 for leadership, team work and change sometimes in the glare of the BBC cameras, that putting the ‘Human-Mess’ back into Leadership is vital for sustainable, robust organisation and more importantly the health of employees.
Paul is one of those rare speakers and academics who are placed not only at the cutting edge knowledge and company development but has spent many years managing companies in both private and public services. He has also spent many years overseas consulting, teaching and working in India, China, Pakistan and parts of Europe, gaining significant experience in development and implementation of leadership within varying cultural environments.

He has recently completed a global action research project on leadership and Complexity thinking visiting 19 counties in the past 14 months.
All mixed within this are his personal research interest of Democracy, Power and Gender. The focus of his present in-company work and research is to develop theoretical knowledge into the skills needed for the dynamic, human world of business and leadership.